Seal Coating Before in Raleigh NC Both residential driveways and commercial parking lots see a high volume of activity each and every day. If you want to minimize the wear and tear on your driveway or parking lot, consider getting professional sealcoating. At Lucas Blacktop, we have a team of driveway sealers here to give your driveway or parking lot the protection it needs from everyday threats. If you notice cracks or other visible signs of disrepair in your pavement, sealcoating from our expert team is a terrific solution. The professionals at Lucas Blacktop have over 30 years of experience to rely on when using driveway sealer products to repair damage and prevent further deterioration. A quality seal coat application will make your walking and driving surfaces safer, more beautiful, and more durable. Putting off driveway seal coating or parking lot seal coating can allow further damage to occur and make your property unsafe. Call our pros today for safer driving and walking surfaces!

Driveway sealer is composed of a coal-tar emulsion and acts as a barrier for asphalt. If you apply sealcoat to your commercial parking lot or residential driveway, you can increase its protection and reduce the amount of wear and tear on it. It’s a good idea to add a new layer of driveway sealing every few years, as this will prolong the life of your pavement and ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a complete resurfacing job. How often your driveway or parking lot requires a driveway seal will actually depend on your specific circumstances, but it’s advisable to seal your driveway at least once every three years.

Seal Coating After in Raleigh NCAt Lucas Blacktop, we make sealcoat application simple and easy. When you contact us for help with your pavement project, our driveway sealers will first repair any existing holes or cracks in your asphalt, using the appropriate tools and application processes. Once this step is complete, we’ll apply an even layer of seal coating material to your parking lot or driveway, creating a beautiful, smooth surface that will be protected through thick and thin. Our pros will let you know how long you should wait before walking or driving on the surface after the blacktop sealer has been applied and answer any questions you might have about the maintenance and care of your asphalt. We’re pleased to offer affordable prices and a one-year warranty on all sealcoating workmanship. 

If you want to learn more about how sealcoating can protect the walking and driving surfaces at your home or business, call Lucas Blacktop today. We serve residential and commercial customers in and around Raleigh and will be happy to provide you with a free estimate on our blacktop sealing and other services.